I hate getting fucked with

and one day my big mouth is going to get me in trouble.

But until then, FUCK YOU!

Don't give a fuck

about what anyone else is doing, just do your own shit!

Make it, build it, shred it, sell it- just do SOMEthing!

Maybe I need to start watching more TV

so I can enjoy the drama from afar rather than hunting it down and playing it out in my real life. I find crazy people fascinating but also find it so frustrating when I'm done being amused and just want them to "be normal." Grrrrrr.

I want to stop eating so many cookies, prepare more meals for myself, drink more water, dance more, collect more music, find more crazy (not mean) people, publish more stories, entertain Fatty more, call my family more, take a tropical vacation, and find reason to laugh my ass off more more more.

Am I???

Doing the right things? Making the right choices? Talking to the right people? Having fun in the right way?


Don't know if I'm ever really happy for more than a few moments at a time so I don't think I can claim to BE happy on any kind of permanent basis. I think things are going pretty well but just when I try to sit with that for awhile some dumb shit happens that makes me think I'm all fucked up again. Mental illness? Lifestyle? LIFE? Who can I blame around here?!

I forgot

how working out makes me so hyper. It feels so good! Prolly be hurtin' tomorrow though.

Reason #3379

why I need a digital camera: so I can show you me in my swanky new glasses!
They supa-fly!

I might have had enough cash to buy one if I hadn't tried to wash my phone down the drain! Oh well, someday it'll work out.