the sky at sunset

Here is gorgeous. The constant view of the sky in general is such a luxury. Finally using today to quiet my mind and sort my thoughts out.

ate a mediocre taco

And a slammin' tamale. Climbed some hills and returned a few smiles. Finally my shoes have dried. Tomorrow I have a few important missions to accomplish.

no burritos yet

but good company and alot of rain....

hurry up and wait

Don't really mind cause I'm not in a hurry and it's amusing to be in an airport where they tell me to mosey on over. Still I want to reach my destination and see what the next surprise holds for me. Hopefully there will be some infamous burritos involved!

perfect day for walking

with dogs and friends for hours burning up this excess energy. I was reminded of the changes autumn brings and how fast time carries us along. Hard not to marvel at the beauty of transformation that's constantly happenning all around and within me from one moment to the next.


all I ever wanted, vacation have to get away!

you have no idea how EVIL things can get!!!!!!!!

Such bitter words fallen from lips i once kissed.
I wish you could humbly sit with the pain of love lost and allow yourself to mourn it. Every angry word you utter only reveals to me how deeply I have touched you and reaffirms that I have to leave you behind.

I'm exhausted

from collecting shattered pieces of myself off the sidewalks of brooklyn. I've spent days plagued by insomnia trying desperately to stick myself back together in some kind of clever way.

hopefully the rain

washed all of the bullshit of the day way into the east river.

what's a better date

then seeing a flick where a guy gets his guts ripped out and eaten by zombies while his surviving friends beat their way out with bloody stumps that were his legs?!

don't know quite where i'm going

and its a blur where I've been. Just riding these waves waiting until they set me down somewhere I'll call home.

what do i do

when i can't get any privacy?
each time i try to go somewhere i look over my shoulder and someone's already standing there.