I like glittery things

alot right now; sparkly, blingy things that walk the fineline of tacky.

I also like that life is not that stressful right now. Or at least I can't find much to worry about even if I think about it really, really hard- indeed a rarity for me.

Except I don't know what I'm going to wear tonight...but I just did laundry so I think I have alot to choose from.

Sheesh, a calmer life seems kinda boring.

Mmmm, rubber.

Yay, Rainboots!!!

Wearing them makes me feel invincible! I can walk through the deepest city puddle and not care that it's probably filled with rat guts and gasoline.

Kinda the same feeling I get when I have on a pair of rubber gloves- I've touched some nasty, stinky body parts (while piercing) and will pick up the grossest stuff (excluding dead mice) as long as my hands are covered in latex.

Next spring I'm investing in a raincoat and some wading pants!