its been a blur

And a party for these past few weeks. How great to be enjoying the company of all these people and making progress in my life at the same time! Its nice to be surrounded by people doing cool shit they are excited about. I like how I've been swept up in the motion of it. So much that keeps me moving forward.

I'm in a cube,

At a desk, drinking coffee really early in the morning. Tralalalala...

'Don't fall asleep!'

was the thought ringing in my head after some crazy dream I had while I was waiting for my friend to bike across the bridge. I haven't been dreaming for a long time but lately they've been coming back. Must have something to do with this beautiful thing i have hanging on my window. who knows. maybe its the lack of pot before bed. smoked 3 cigarettes today, BAD!!

I'm so lucky

to have my eyes open and want to believe so much that I deserve all these amazing things that have been crossing my path. They keep coming so I am suffering from the 'it's too good to be true' syndrome. Though I'm not letting it scare me from sending more requests out into the universe. The power of my fears and my love are motivating me and I am determined to live a life in which I am fully my own.

I started

Something I don't know how I'll finish. A few things could fit on that list right now and I wonder what will come of them. There's only so much I can decide on my end. The sky is so clear today and all I can do is send my wishes out and sit here being warmed by the sun.