Damn, the janitor in this place must think I'm such a hog. Everyday my tiny little garbage bin is overflowing with wrappers from breakfast, lunch, dessert, and midday snacks. By the time I leave I've eaten enough for the whole day. Good thing my schedule keeps me runnin'!


Please note: Drinking more lemon balm makes it feel better.

Lunch dates are for Career Girls!

This tidal wave of old friends washed up at my feet.

Not sure what to do with them; I had let them go and now they've come back.

Gonna just collect them for now cause they're all so pretty.

When I'm done looking at them closer I'll know what to do.


That's what SpongeBob is saying from the bandaid covering my left knuckle.
I ran out of the Little Twin Stars ones and bought these the other night when I felt some skin flapping in the wind.

My hands are a mess from cutting so much. I felt like a warrior at the competition when my finger was dripping blood and I still kept at it.
But now I realize it's also quite ghetto and I need to get out of the habit of finding it amusing cause I think it'll scare someone eventually.

Charlie Tuna's voice just DOES something to me!

Puurrrrrr. I had forgotten how much I love hearing him...

How could BOTH Jurassic 5 cds have disappeared? I don't know how I end up with 2 (maybe from living with DY?!) but I did and was stoked. But now- Poof!

AND: I killed at my haircut competition!!! (even though everyone was told not to act like I was there.) ARRRRRGGH!!!!

and then

I saw a photo of my ex naked, covered in blood, passed out in a bathtub; did an awesome haircut on a girl at my skool; dropped my expensive piece of cake on the floor seconds after I paid for it; just had one of the last boys I need to see show up at my desk this morning, announce that he's coming back to work here, and ask if he could leave his coat.

A rollercoaster

of a week, god damn! I found out I can't take a trip with my favorite people, heard from some long distance friends, got kicked out of a contest, was chosen for jury duty, got a raise. Phew, and it's only Thursday.

Trouble, trouble, trouble.

I always find myself in it. Especially when I'm trying hard to stay out of it. HMPH.

Ahhhh, if only.....


password: ironchef

Thanks Jessica for capturing my special few moments and also me BEing kind of Special!

When you're doing the right things

everything falls into place. It's really amazing that it's so true and yet so hard to live by. I'm tripping over all the great opportunities coming to me.