There's gonna be booties shakin' EVERYwhere:

image by aaron renier

-Choirs of Titan rocknrollin LIVE at 10pm
-DANCING to Dance music of every kind all night long
-Booze and soda and water (it ain't free but Larissa serves it with a smile)
-There's also a video game (Buck Hunter), Fooze ball, and a pool table! OMG!!!!

-Dance Dance Revolution (2 gamepads, baby)
-A red hot Bar-b-que* for meat and veggie eaters alike!! (GERMOPHOBES TAKE NOTE- the grill's good as new, Jay gave it a good ol' scrubbin')
-and Fatty will be there wearing a big pink bow and stealing your sandwiches.

YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!!! (I adore you all and want you to help me celebrate that I made it through one more year and still have a smile on my face! AND if you miss my birthday I will shame you for years to come- ask Karen she missed birthday '03 and has yet to hear the end of it!)

*I'll be providing SOME hotdogs and burgers of animal and non animal kind, corn, veggies, and S'MOREZZZZ but please be generous and bring something to share!


So once again

I'm putting together a circus-like event to celebrate my birthday. There are so many cool folks, old and new, that I'd like to spend more time with and it'll be nice for one night to have them all gathered together in a place where we can dance and eat and laugh. So many people I want to introduce to each other; finally they'll be able to put names with faces from stories that I've told and also make their own connections.

I really want to put all the details about the party up here!!!! I want everyone to get a better glimpse of the fun night to come so they can feel as excited as I am.

Hopefully next year I'll break this vicious cycle. I am once again lost in my inexperience and don't know how to do what I want with this website nor have I found anyone who cares enough to pick up the slack where my knowledge fails me. Ugh. All the other party details are falling together so gracefully (pop rocks anyone?!) that I know it'll work out somehow!