No pics to prove it

but been cooking a lot- last night made roasted beets, garlic kale, and herb goat cheese sandwiches on sourdough bread.
Tonight- butternut squash and green beans in coconut milk with rice.
Yum, it smells so good in here!

Fatty waiting

in the old hallway, before fancy new tiles came.

Must see

Saw Nathaniel James Ferry today

for the first time- he's one week old now. Welcome baby Beane- you're gonna be great!

Its snowing in Texas

red bike and texan were friends.

My favorite things today

unicorn dream attack


red bike

my friend Grace's laughter

I spent most of my Saturday

as a halfling elf (represented by a squirrel in this photo).

If you've ever met her

you know how much she loveloveLOVEs doing this.

Happy bday!

Sometimes I wonder how and why we're friends- we see the world from 2 different perspectives. THEN I think of all the times that you've never failed me. It's been a long road when I look back and it's funny how we've seen each other through some crazy shit. You don't need me to just know.



When I got my wisdom teeth pulled Fatty was very sympathetic- she assumed this position on her own!