Can't remember

my schedule being this booked. Sometimes I've been busy and I end up running around doing social stuff for days in a row but I think this is the first time I had to mark my calendar because I have a commitment every night. Pretty exciting too cause either they're dates for flirting or cutting hair. I can't ask for more! Having so much damn fun right now...

Bad ass bitch.

Yup, we're figuring it all out over bottles of wine...too much wine...I'll fine you...

Sometimes it freaks me out

how when I get into something I get REALLY INTO it. It's a fineline between excitement and obsession.

As much as I talk about how much fun

I have at my job, it IS still a JOB and sometimes sucks.
Like today.

I'm afraid to ask anymore.

I keep getting the same answer.
I think I'm under some curse that's only letting me have crushes on boys named 'Alex'. It's pretty weird. I don't even remember knowing ANY before June and now I know I've made out with like 5 of them! I'm totally exaggerating but seriously, it's strange. I know I always date the same TYPE of guy but now I only like only one NAME?! What have I created?!!
Maybe it's because I like too many boys right now and at least if they all have the same name I'll never get confused? Hahaha.


Picked up my diploma yesterday and drank some nice Prosecco to celebrate. Got some snazzy red nailpolish on and am ready for the super social weekend I have ahead. OH YEAH!!!

White. Garish. Creepy. Old. Fat.

Taffeta. Matching dresses. Swords. Tuxedos. Banquet halls. Tiaras. Thrones. Podiums.

The girls are back in town!

Ahhh, Vermont...we're so in love with you! Well, you know, we love you each in our own way. Like Fatty LOVES to eat toads and roll in deer shit. and I LOVE sunbathing in my hammock and gardening at the farm.

Either way, we'll see ya again real soon.

and since I'm at it

you know what else bugs me? When people tell me they'll meet me at some ungodly hour, I actually get up and get ready, and then they show up like 3 hours later. I could have been sleeeeping still!
If I go with the 'look on the bright side of things' theory though I have to admit that I don't mind much seeing the sun rise...but there are some weird creatures (besides me, thank you) out on the streets of Brooklyn at 5am.

and since I'm sitting here already- Thanks Gen for responding to me here (I KNOW, David, you tried and I finally figured it out so try again, please!) However, I can't reveal the name of the married cheater here but I'll tell you when I see you next weekend!