Alley cats are no joke.

Last night in my neighborhood I finally had to cross the street because I was too scared to walk past this cat that was in our path. Its friend ran under a nearby car when it saw us but this badass hung around to kick some doggy ass. It arched itself up and hissed as it advanced aggressively toward us. All my noises and stomping, not to mention that my dog is at least the size of a pig, did nothing to intimidate it. I've never seen anything like it before. It wanted nothing else then to rip out our eyeballs-SCARY!

So you want to be a rock superstar.

It's surely a very noble ambition. I have to say though that I don't know if you should be working so much on your autograph just yet, but thanks in advance. I think we're all secretly hoping that this video will be our break into the world of fame and fortune so I guess we'll just wait and see.

I think I got some color today.

Not more ink but rosy, sun kissed color! I remember promising myself that I'd spend more time outside this summer and now I have the perfect opportunity to. AND I'm getting paid to do it. Can't get better then that. Got to get me some cute, comfortable, airy shoes though cauuse between the heels yesterday and the sneakers today my dogs be barkin'.

You're so damn sexy!

Even when you sleep, your snores sound like the soft, strong purr of some wild cat. Too bad its yet another case of bad timing! Woe is me.