The way to find inner peace

is to finish all the things you've started. True, so true.

SKool!, knitting my sweater, updating my blog, defrosting the fridge, returning phone calls (if I haven't gotten to you yet, please don't fear), responding to mail of all forms, sorting thorough my photos, making my little zine-y thing. Think that's a good start! or conclusion depending how you wanna look at it.

There's a river of people that runs past my eyes

It's beautiful enough just to watch it go by.

Strange folks from my past are just popping up everywhere. As close as cousins even. It's all adding up to something interesting at the least. I'm freaking out but I'm having sooooooooo much FUN.

You spin me right round baby,

Right round, like a record baby, round, round, round, round.

Whooooeeeee! I'm holding onto my head so it doesn't get knocked off my shoulders every other minute. Seems like every corner I turn there's some interesting creatures from my past rearing their heads wanting to jump back into my life. It's been pretty laughable but really intense. It's one of those times when I finally had to resort to looking up the astrological conditions for the day cause I know there's just HAS to be a reason for all this craziness. And surenuff it was a full moon! So don't forget to SWING OUT SISTA! HAHAHAhaaaaaaaa.

Sure hope noone chokes on their spicy peanut curry

at Jon's party on Saturday night, but if they do, I'm READY! Got certified in CPR and AED today. Yup, they say I can shock ya if you consent. Scary huh? I kinda hate learning safety stuff cause it reminds me how really bad things sometimes DO happen.

I'll see it again. and again with you.

I have to apologize a billion times to Vanessa cause I did that shitty thang where you make plans to see a movie with someone and then go see it with someone else first. UGH. It's lame. It was a last minute decision and we only got there in time to snag up 2 of the last 6 tickets for the midnight show. But anyway, SORRY! and I'd love to go again with you.

It's too early to say much about it cause I wouldn't want to ruin it for anyone by giving away any details. But I don't often think it's worth $10.75 to sit in the dark with a bunch of stinky people while I shiver and my ears bleed from the excessive A/C and surround sound but this time I think it's worth every penny.

GO SEE WILLY WONKA and tell me what you think!!!

Poor, Poor Mr. Bigtoe.

Hmmmm, never really knew that one could walk INto a sidewalk. But, yup, a nasty old and busted up Brooklyn sidewalk gave my big right toe a good beating. He leads the way even when my eyes aren't really paying attention and he felt that concrete in a serious way! DAMN. It's kinda puffy and painful all over but I don't think it's that mangled inside. SIGH. Have to keep my eyes from wandering off so far ahead of me sometimes.

I know I'm not the only one

that gets alittle too paranoid sometimes and believes that the server at a restaurant squirted some jiz in my food. Right?? Well, I don't think the Baskin Robbins guy was quick enough to do it to me today but the marshmallow swirl in the Thunder and Lightning flavor was definitely THE most suspicious cum like substance I've ever eaten!

I fucking LOVE my new job,

picking my nose, and running into long lost friends on the train!

It's been 3 days straight

of BBQ, lawn chairs, bare feet, sunburn, sprinklers, squirt guns, beer, veggie dogs, burned marshmallows, potato salad, lightning bugs, good friends, cute boogas, hash cookies, fat joints, giggles, rooftops and fireworks. yeah boi!