Secret's out

I'm in BEAUTY SKOOOOOL! I confessed to a friend I ran into on the train last night cause I felt silly trying to act all mysterious about why I have no free time. It may already be known the way things go around me but I'm giving the info out freely now. I feel good about it and I've been in it long enough and having enough fun that I finally feel confident that I'm not gonna, well, y'all know the tune. I'm sure some eyes are rolling as they read this but what can I do...Done coloring, some braiding, cutting, and I'm working on nails, facials, and make-up. So if you wanna let me practice.......AAAOOOW!

Drank whiskey

and giggled alot. Danced around, smoked cigarettes, and talked about racism and homophobia. PHEW, and I was still able to get up on time and keep up this hectic routine. Yay, me!

So much love

to spread around. and I didn't remember how much fun I could have wearing gold sparkly lipstick!

I heart you. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Camera, bad.......Cupcakes, gooood!

Buzz kill.

I knew it was going be a trying day when the first millisecond of a perfectly good morning orgasm was interrupted by the sound of my screeching alarm clock! grrrrrr.

Oh yeah

and I finished reading Cryptonomicon. The last 200 pages made it all make sense so I was tempted to start at the beginning again but it's not the most convenient book to carry in my bag for reading while commuting. I'm passing it on to Jon for now and finishing this book about tattooed chicks.

Hey Now

quit tryin' to make me hang out and have fun! I got important shit to do!!! Oh, no.