Blow, blow, blow!

Awh yeah, my blow outs are getting soooo good! I said blow OUT, sucka. I can get that hair lookin' smooth and shiny with volume, mmmhmm! I was so depressed the other night when I blew out my mannequin's hair and it was all flat with the ends flying all over the place. But after Raymond gave me alittle lesson and lent me his brush, whoooo!

YUP, I'm convinced

my bed is a cockroach superhighway! This morning I woke up because a cockroach was running up my neck and ACROSS MY FACE!!!!! Good god!! It's so unbelievably disgusting! I started suspecting it about a week ago when I lifted up the covers to crawl into bed and a roach was running across the mattress towards me. Ugh. We all laughed when Ms. Keiko told us the other day that she can't sleep without underwear 'cause she's afraid of a bug crawling up you know where. It my be a legitimate fear after all. Grrrrrossss!

PHEW! Moving is hard work!

Its such a great time to get rid of things that are just sitting around taking up space and collecting dust. The last time I moved I got rid of sooo much shit I was clinging on to. It felt great and I'm glad to be starting my collection again and doing it slowly and carefully. I'm so glad to see my apartment filling up with furniture that has survived many days and many owners. There's something so much more grounding about using solid old furniture rather than crap from Ikea that's on the brink of falling apart from the minute its put together. Happy Housewarming!

I'm back muthafuckas!!

Miss me??? You'll never tell, I know. Glad to be back even though I think I got alittle more round around the middle here but it's cool. It's all been yummy and well worth it. Soon I'll have a pannis of my own, Vanessa!