Been riding this streak

of weird/ bad luck. Hopefully it's coming to an end cause this shit's annoying. Hopefully I can blame it on my bad decisions and if I stop making them everything will fall back into place.

I got a long list of holiday party invites so at least that'll keep me distracted...

Reason #3291

I need a digital camera so I could have taken a photo of the food network holiday party invitation- imprinted on the top of a cupcake. Brilliant! How'd they do that anyway??

Now I've since eaten the cupcake (Minus the frosting which means I could have potentially saved the invite -it was way too sweet!) so I've got nothing to remember it by....ah, digital camera....someday you'll be mine...

I'm looking at you, you're looking at me...

I didn't walk away.
and if you're wondering why... I said I'd be there to wipe the tear from your eye.
Push me away.
Tell me to stay.
Can you imagine my confusion?
Well, I don't think you ever thought you could.
Don't think you ever thought you could.


Its been a while since ya came around,
Now ya wanna see whats goin' down.
Tryin' tell me how you want my time,
Tryin' tell me how i'm on your mind.

I remember how you did me wrong,
Now your hurtin' cuz my love is gone.
Everybody gets a chance to burn,
You can take it as a lesson learned.

Ain't that funny?

Lessons don't go away.

They keep presenting themselves
until we learn them.

Arrrrgh! I HATE THAT!!!