Wasting all my words

in Facebook.  I really need to revamp this site so I am more interested in it.  Maybe I need to revamp my life so I feel more interested. Need to stay focused on something long enough to make it happen outside of my head.

Spent hours

wandering around MoMA today.  I posted a ton of pics on Facebook but I'll put one that you can only see here.  It's hard to get the full effect cause this is a photo of a video of a live event-graffiti artists were 'writing' on an outside wall of MoMA with light.  Most were tags which were cool but this one was a star.

Laurel's Kidrobot hoodie

looked so cute on Fatty but it was just a tad too small.

Happy New Year!!!

2009 is going to be a damn good year. Thanks Alex Grey for hosting an incredible party! Thanks DJ Cloud for being the amazing YOU that you are!