Cooking is contagious

maybe I'm starting to learn something! I made some kick ass pesto sauce and bruschetta from scratch. Too bad it wasn't anything that would go with the killer habanero sauce we made weeks back- I only have like 5 TONS of it....

Drinking too much coffee

gives me that 'woa, woa, woa' feeling like a whippit. Gotta walk it off and visit some people in the neighboring pods...

Is anyone even reading this


Thinkin' I should make a commitment to update this thing while I'm at work everyday but then I might be on a path to getting F-I-R-E-D!

You lucky jobless bastards!!!

ummm, this job is sooo fun.

Dude, I totally just rode the elevator with Rachel Ray. Yah, huh.


changes people. Eww.