I didn't feel much.

When I saw you crossing the street I just felt "HOLY SHIT!" escape from my lips. I couldn't see you for a second as you chose which way to turn but I sat very still cause I just knew that you were coming in my direction. I felt a warm wave rush over me as I sat there waiting to see if you were still coming closer.

Sure enough there you were, just feet from me for the first time in almost 2 years. It was like a scene I had seen many times before- you squeezed your phone between your chin and shoulder so you could reach in your pocket and pull out a cigarette. Before it was lit you were gone.

Out of habit I kind of wanted to call out to you- a long lost friend. Maybe you're lost, maybe not. But you're surely not a friend so I just put my lips back up to my straw and went back to enjoying my smoothie and staring at all the interesting people passing by.

I think it's dreadful

and incredibly scary and sad that my cousin just graduated from high school and has enlisted in the army. Not completely surprising but shocking all the same.

I want to cry and scream really really loud!

I don't do it on the regular but I'm going to make sure that from this day on I spend a few minutes everyday talking to some higher power. I'll be begging to keep what little bit of family I have safe and sane. *sigh*


Hootie the Blowfish are/is(?!) playing at the first show I helped produce!
That ain't bad. Not at all.
Sept 19th y'all if you want to come and check it out!

Do people really fly around in spaceships near the moon?

What the F*#k?! Today I stood by and witnessed a whole conversation between someone sitting right in front of me and 3 men floating around inside a ship somewhere in space- in REAL time!!! Totally mind blowing. Wow.

Um, did I tell you how much I love my job?

Well, first of all I'm officially full-time! Whoo-hooo. Insurance, paid days off, and my name on the outside of a cubicle . For the most part, good things.

Today I got to spend the last 2 hours screening and analyzing possible new shows. Both were quite snazzy and I'd watch more (IF I had cable and all!).

And I got free lunch too!