I didn't feel much.

When I saw you crossing the street I just felt "HOLY SHIT!" escape from my lips. I couldn't see you for a second as you chose which way to turn but I sat very still cause I just knew that you were coming in my direction. I felt a warm wave rush over me as I sat there waiting to see if you were still coming closer.

Sure enough there you were, just feet from me for the first time in almost 2 years. It was like a scene I had seen many times before- you squeezed your phone between your chin and shoulder so you could reach in your pocket and pull out a cigarette. Before it was lit you were gone.

Out of habit I kind of wanted to call out to you- a long lost friend. Maybe you're lost, maybe not. But you're surely not a friend so I just put my lips back up to my straw and went back to enjoying my smoothie and staring at all the interesting people passing by.

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