Momma always told me death comes in 3's.

I'll never get to see you again??? EVER?!?!?! Nooo, REALLY?? NAH. I'll see you again SOMEtime...right?!?

but I can see you so clearly in my mind! I just can't believe it happened.

Kind people lost way too soon- Steve's dad, Joellen, and Denise.

Only my belly can tell what was in the middle.

I thought the black sticky rice pudding with mango sauce and strawberries was the best dessert ever invented but today I found a new competitor- stuffed figs dipped in chocolate! MMMMMMMMMMMMmm.

I don't know what was stuffed in there exactly. Some sweet gooey stuff and nuts. and THEN dipped half way in chocolate! I devoured the 2 of them too fast to get a good look inside. Pure Genius. and they're a fruit so it's alright I ate TWO, right?

Hey you, FREAKS! Come over HERE!!!!

Plenty of people have asked me for food before. Usually I don't have any on me and when I have extra food I have to look for someone to give it to. But this was the very first time that someone asked me for food I was in the middle of eating!

I noticed her when she was standing in front of a table where two boys were seated, drinking a packet of pancake syrup. I stared as she drank the whole thing down. I think that's when she spotted me. I went back to eating and didn't notice her again until she was walking right up to me. She said "Can you spare that sandwich?", and pointed to the half eaten one on my plate. I could only just sit there and watch her put her backpack on the table, reach in, and pull out a styrofoam plate! She went to hand it over to me and I said "No, that's my lunch." She grunted and walked away.

Guess she was determined to get something out of me because she returned a few minutes later holding the plate out to me again. She said, "Well, can you spare any CHANGE?" I reached into my pocket and, making sure I didn't get any quarters, pulled out some change and tossed it onto the plate next to some other coins. I told her "You know that there are tons of places in the city to get free food."
and she said "No there's not."
"In the east village theres tons."
"but that food's not healthy."
"It's probably healthier than this fast food crap."
She didn't bother responding and continued on her rounds.

As I started to pack up my stuff I noticed all these people laughing and nudging the person next to them and pointing towards my new friend. I turned around and saw that she was holding her own little karaoke session and singing the words to 'Here's Where the Story Ends*' into each fry before she popped it into her mouth.

I didn't finish my drink and thought to offer it to her. I was afraid she might throw it at me or something weird so I just left it on the table and left.

I walked to the train station, got on the L and looked up to see some homeless looking guy pulling all this cash out of his pockets and dropping it on the ground saying he doesn't need it. Guess I'll have to save that for another day. Jeez.

*song by The Sundays.

STOP right there, Elina!

Um,pleeeze don't read this. I love you dearly and am honored you'd even THINK about reading this but when I got home and read my last entry...(HUGE CRINGE!)...

Your image of me will forever be tarnished! You're too wholesome for my disgusting blabber.

Why don't you look at something on EBAY instead? Pretty please?

Holy Shit.

In all my 31 years, I do believe that I have never created and expelled a shit as long as the one that was staring back at me just now from the 3rd floor women's toilet! Yup.

I give thanks to all the delicious Korean food that has been put in front of me this past week. I do believe that because of you I was able to enjoy a memorable moment in my shitting herstory. Amen, hehe.

The Toy was my favorite movie

for the longest time. I remember staying home from school and watching it over and over. Somehow it was always on.

Thanks Richard Pryor for making jokes that were so funny I could watch them again and again and they would make me laugh everytime!

that little fat bastard

mouse who's been living in my walls woke me up this morning with his loud nibbling! Lucky for him I got distracted by the huge snowflakes falling outside my window. I pulled aside my curtain to see everything covered in white- the first big snowfall of the winter! Huge snowflakes were falling and glistening in the early morning light. Ahhhhh....then I heard more nibbling! I reached under my bed and grabbed an empty plastic box and threw it at the corner where I heard the mouse. Quiet. I laid my head back down and pulled my comforter back up to my chin. and that fucker went back to nibbling.

Whoa Dude, WATCH it!

damn people who are too busy staring down at their cell phones to look where their walkin'!

teehee...Marc Summers just walked into me...if only I was still 12, it would have been the best moment of my life.

Snoring away

the day...the calm in between the storms can be so refreshing. I feel really great and soooo chill. Shit is working out in the craziest of ways; its so incredible. It'll take alot to wipe this smile off my face!

Thought the effects of this absinthe would be more dramatic though. Just feels the same as smoking a big fat one. Made me want to laugh, clean, write, and scream all at the same time. fun, fun.