I didn't cause it,
I can't cure it
and I can't control it.

Sorry. It's so hard to believe sometimes but it's the only real truth.

Man walks down the street and falls in a hole.

He thinks, "How did I get here?" So he struggles and struggles, finally getting out of the hole. He goes home and goes to bed.

The next day, he gets up and walks down the same street. He sees the hole and keeps walking. In the hole he falls again. He thinks, "Now isn't this just great!" So he struggles and struggles again finding his way out of the hole. He goes home and goes to bed.

The next day, he gets up and walks toward the same street. He remembers the hole. He chooses another street.

I want it NOW!

In general, I like to think that I'm a woman of great patience.
I can tolerate annoying people, screaming babies, long lines and other situations that tend to drive most people crazy.

Problem is, when it comes to relationships I freak out and can't sleep until I get all my questions answered.
I know everything needs time, blah, blah, and getting there is half the fun, lalala, but STILL! I WANT IT NOW!
I want to know what's going to happen and how this is all going to play out! Who's gonna be left standing and who's gonna win the big prize? OOOOoooh, what's going to HAPPEN???

I'm sparkly.

that's what Charissa said this morning. Guess I was just still excited about last nights yoga/chill out party and hopeful that today would provide me plenty of opportunities to flirt with my latest crushes.

And yes, it did.

Ahhhh, I watched in awh as Alton Brown recited his wise, articulate verse for the last time this season....and Chef Jay's always rambling on about something but I'm too busy staring at his snazzy new haircut to really hear a thing.

All in a day's work.

Sometimes it feels like my whole world is crashing down

at my feet and I think "WHY? What the fuck?! What is wrong with people? Why are they all so crazy??"

then David so kindly reminds me of 2 vital lessons we learned in 2002:

1. Girls are Crazy.

2. Boys are Stupid.

....and it helps me make sense of it everytime.

Having a bad day.

Couldn't sleep well last night cause I was thinking about my bad habits and the fucked up slacker shit I do sometimes. It affects other people and I don't always care that much. I'm selfish. I make plans and break them. I'd rather be by myself more than with most people.
I spend money to feel better. I don't invite anyone so no one will question my purchases. I buy too much disposable shit. I tell myself I NEED to buy things but that's just cause I want them so bad.
Wallow, wallow.

AND, I wallow too- UGH.