Morimoto 75 9th Ave NYC

Restaurant week lunch with the girls:

White and beige, circus tent, squishy comfy seat with handles, clear chopsticks, one kind of sushi I've never had before but would sure like to again, ass washers in the toilet, beautiful cherry blossom glass thing in the bathroom stall, no toilet paper.

That about sums it up.

Let's make out

have anti-brunch and go on an adventure!

7 Things I'm Excited about

Meredith hosting a haircutting party-thanks!

Iron Chef watching party-Ooooh! Mmmm! Fun!

Random collection of peeps taking field trip to NJ-hmmmm!

Participating in BCAT and EAC!- Yup.

Manifesting things most wanted- Doin'it!

Excessive (but FREE) text messaging-whoo!

YOU reading this cause you give a teeny fuck about what's going on 'round my world-THANKS!

Morimoto vs. Cantu

"Chicago chef Homaru Cantu challenges Iron Chef Morimoto to a battle never before seen in Kitchen Stadium. Chef Cantu, renowned for his use of lasers and technology in the preparation of his dishes is hoping to stun the judges with creativity and flavor, but will Chef Cantu’s style and flare be enough to win against Iron Chef Morimoto?"

Seriously awesome. I worked on this one and it was by far the most fun and suspenseful episode of Iron Chef America I've seen! I'll be watching it at 9pm this Sunday. Y'all can come over to my place but I'm hoping to maybe find a spot with a bigger and better tv and/or sofa...lemme know if you have any leads!

Feng Shui works, I swear!

Since I moved my computer at work to a new spot (where my back isn't facing the door) all sorts of good shit has been happening.

For example:

Today I pitched my first show idea and the executive producer said it was an "EXCELLENT" idea! I can't disclose it yet but I'm glad I finally came up with SOMEthing. It just hit me today and I emailed her right after I thought of it. How cool, COOL!

I drove all night to get to you, is that alright?

Remembering how one sweet boy once drove from 8 hours away, through the night, to get to my apartment in Brooklyn by the morning. I awoke to him calling to let me know he was outside. Surprise!

He presented me with a beautiful, meticulously prepared, gigantic plate of fresh fruits, bagels, and cream cheese. WOW! What an amazing start to the day.

That was fun.

...Maybe I should have called you first but I was dying to get to you...I drove all night...

I was alittle less serious about things then. In spite of this long distance thing I was in the middle of SOMEhow that same morning I remember scrambling around the apartment trying to figure out how I was going to explain the weird squatter-y kid* who was ALREADY sleeping in my bed from the night before!

*For the record he was just my friend! I think we made out at some point way after this though...and then he took 20 bucks from my kitchen table and I've never seen him since.

Lifetime award for most inspiring dance music!

I wandered out of bed to go to the bathroom at 4:30am and I haven't made it back yet cause I started listening and dancing to Daft Punk and can't stop. ONE MORE TIME....we're gonna celebrate, oh yeah, don't stop the dancing...

Now girls, we just have to find the perfect weekly dance spot and my life would be complete!


was such a beautiful, wonderful, inspiring, spectacular day! A whole lot of fun things happened and I am especially grateful that Fatty got to hang out for most of it. I need more friends who have no pets that welcome the 2 of us into their homes. It makes for guilt free hanging out! Ahhhh.

Feeling elated

and so grateful for everything that I have.
Things are cruising along at a pretty fast pace and I'm feeling more moments of joy than anything else.