Morimoto vs. Cantu

"Chicago chef Homaru Cantu challenges Iron Chef Morimoto to a battle never before seen in Kitchen Stadium. Chef Cantu, renowned for his use of lasers and technology in the preparation of his dishes is hoping to stun the judges with creativity and flavor, but will Chef Cantu’s style and flare be enough to win against Iron Chef Morimoto?"

Seriously awesome. I worked on this one and it was by far the most fun and suspenseful episode of Iron Chef America I've seen! I'll be watching it at 9pm this Sunday. Y'all can come over to my place but I'm hoping to maybe find a spot with a bigger and better tv and/or sofa...lemme know if you have any leads!


david said...

cantu? why didn't i hear about this?

damnsel said...

Guess I got arrogant and knew you'd read about it here :)
that was fun! more tv watching parties!!!