I drove all night to get to you, is that alright?

Remembering how one sweet boy once drove from 8 hours away, through the night, to get to my apartment in Brooklyn by the morning. I awoke to him calling to let me know he was outside. Surprise!

He presented me with a beautiful, meticulously prepared, gigantic plate of fresh fruits, bagels, and cream cheese. WOW! What an amazing start to the day.

That was fun.

...Maybe I should have called you first but I was dying to get to you...I drove all night...

I was alittle less serious about things then. In spite of this long distance thing I was in the middle of SOMEhow that same morning I remember scrambling around the apartment trying to figure out how I was going to explain the weird squatter-y kid* who was ALREADY sleeping in my bed from the night before!

*For the record he was just my friend! I think we made out at some point way after this though...and then he took 20 bucks from my kitchen table and I've never seen him since.

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