I'll see it again. and again with you.

I have to apologize a billion times to Vanessa cause I did that shitty thang where you make plans to see a movie with someone and then go see it with someone else first. UGH. It's lame. It was a last minute decision and we only got there in time to snag up 2 of the last 6 tickets for the midnight show. But anyway, SORRY! and I'd love to go again with you.

It's too early to say much about it cause I wouldn't want to ruin it for anyone by giving away any details. But I don't often think it's worth $10.75 to sit in the dark with a bunch of stinky people while I shiver and my ears bleed from the excessive A/C and surround sound but this time I think it's worth every penny.

GO SEE WILLY WONKA and tell me what you think!!!

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