There's gonna be booties shakin' EVERYwhere:

image by aaron renier

-Choirs of Titan rocknrollin LIVE at 10pm
-DANCING to Dance music of every kind all night long
-Booze and soda and water (it ain't free but Larissa serves it with a smile)
-There's also a video game (Buck Hunter), Fooze ball, and a pool table! OMG!!!!

-Dance Dance Revolution (2 gamepads, baby)
-A red hot Bar-b-que* for meat and veggie eaters alike!! (GERMOPHOBES TAKE NOTE- the grill's good as new, Jay gave it a good ol' scrubbin')
-and Fatty will be there wearing a big pink bow and stealing your sandwiches.

YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!!! (I adore you all and want you to help me celebrate that I made it through one more year and still have a smile on my face! AND if you miss my birthday I will shame you for years to come- ask Karen she missed birthday '03 and has yet to hear the end of it!)

*I'll be providing SOME hotdogs and burgers of animal and non animal kind, corn, veggies, and S'MOREZZZZ but please be generous and bring something to share!


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Anonymous said...

I had no idea "hot dog" was actually a flesh tone! You match so perfectly. I'm counting down the days.