Today I fell hard and fast for this ridiculously adorable artwork!

I love you Kristen Tercek and I want to give you all my money!!!
I mean, come on! Look at these! I just couldn't stop staring at them and became filled with pure joy and amusement. Comedic and cuteness genius. Please visit her and follow her on IG: @cuddlyrigormortis

Sparkle time beauty horse

Fresh Off the Boat Season 2 has been just as hilarious as 1. One of the rare shows these days that reliably make me laugh out loud!

It's pretty cool to know that Stand Coffee is serving our Cafe Grumpy coffee at Eddie Huang's Baohaus on 14th Street!!

Nice write up in Grub Street here. Yay, look closely at the pics and you can spot my friend Nate who's been helping to curate Stand Coffee's custom coffee drinks. He's the one sporting an iconic eyeball tee from fellow Greenpointers Mishka.

I'm surrounded by cool people doing cool shit.

second annual blog post

hahaha. WTF is it about March that makes me feel like blogging?!

Seems like each year, about this time, I think "hmmm, I need to fix my blog." And then I procrastinate for a whole year.....

Anyone reading this? Have any advice on an easy and fun way to make a new and better blog?

Gots some thinkin' to do.

Ok, ok.

Inspired right now to make something happen. It's the feeling that only rolls around every once in awhile and I need to move fast before it fades away!

Looking at people who are doing things I want to be doing. Reading blogs and googling all sorts of things to piece together the next steps. Gathering, organizing, and piecing it all together.

Good things soon to come!

annual blog post

haha, looks like this same time last year I also had some inspiration to get back to this blog. Hi, March 2011!

A whole damn year.

Wow, it's been almost a year since I've posted anything here. I gotta wake this site up. Get up!

Wasting all my words

in Facebook.  I really need to revamp this site so I am more interested in it.  Maybe I need to revamp my life so I feel more interested. Need to stay focused on something long enough to make it happen outside of my head.

Spent hours

wandering around MoMA today.  I posted a ton of pics on Facebook but I'll put one that you can only see here.  It's hard to get the full effect cause this is a photo of a video of a live event-graffiti artists were 'writing' on an outside wall of MoMA with light.  Most were tags which were cool but this one was a star.

Laurel's Kidrobot hoodie

looked so cute on Fatty but it was just a tad too small.