Mojitos and uber geeks.

I've had the best time working and partying with such FABulous people. Really though, you all totally rock!!!

Anyway, what I was too exhausted to tell before was...The other night at the pre-unoffical wrap party Alton Brown bought us all a round of mojitos. He rolled in with Kevin a few drinks after the party began. Ahhh, I'm crushed forever.....

Were they just trying to make us feel better when they said Mario's party sucked?

We headed to the Real party and Kevin was buying us drinks there. Those guys are way generous (brilliant and kind and alittle bit nerd too! )

THEN I went to the bathroom and came out to all these random people making out! Oh well, it was all in fun. I had fresh jiffy pop and lovely new friends to eat it with.

And finally, does anyone know what the f**k happened to that awesome Wednesday night at Boysroom?!

At least now I have MONSTER.

SIGH. May the fun never end.

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