Make the best of that anxious energy!

We've all been in hyper freak out mode at apt #9 this week. Luckily last night we pooled our energy and made a cute little project together. It's a thank you card with a backdrop of a mountain and lake with a bike that you can move along the length of it.
Sort of like a kids pop up, pull out book!

We cut and glued and pasted it all together in a funny DIY punk kinda way.
We made use of popsicle sticks, magazine cutouts, pliers, and cardboard.
No exacto knife? Use your kitchen knife to cut the cardboard held taut between the legs of you and your roommate! No good glue? Use your glue stick where possible then use LOTS of tape!

It was a blast. I'm going to finish it up tonight but now I'm wondering how the heck am I gonna pack and send this thing?!

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