Thanks mom for poppin' me out.

Thanks to my homies for getting my birthday celebrations started 6 days early, to Emeril for pouring glasses of Prosecco and starting my birthday with a BANG (HA! couldn't do it), to candles in chocolate cheesecake, to Lewis and the band for the huge bouquet, to Robert for carrying all my flowers, and to free PBR at the Hogpit.

To Quinn and John for still being good friends and letting me tend to your wounds.

To Karen and Jon and Cheeky and Laurea and DY (by phone counts) for ringing in the first few minutes of my new year!

To Nick for being a meticulous tile layer and growing me a sunflower. To Pop Tarts and Gatorade, and the water taxi!

To Karen for always showing up no matter what!, to Marco the MINI convertible, to driving with the top down, to the sun and the monarch butterflies (38 of them!) flying down Washington Street, to Karma Kafe's lunch buffet, to Danny for holding down Hoboken with that same stoned smile, and to the Egyptian singing car attendant for the lil' diddy.

To Genevieve for patiently waiting, Charlotte for showing me dead mice, Sophia for dancing, Terhune Orchards for having the best apple cider donuts and apples- Macouns, Jonathans, Macintosh, and Jonagolds. There's gonna be some baking this weekend!

To my momma, Billy and Zari and Amanda and my Uncle Brian for sending me birthday wishes.

THANKS ALL!!! My birthday's always a big deal to me and this one was no disappointment.

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