Crawled into bed

and almost forgot my list

Day 3:
-Cherry yogurt
-Egg and cheddar cheese on a croissant

-Arugula, tomato, fennel salad
-french bread
-1/2 of a super fresh neopolitan that was meant for Emeril (guess me and security are the only ones dumb enough to eat pastries from random strangers- it was maybe the best one I've ever had and if I end up in Kingston I'm gettin' another one!)
-2 cupcakes with the frosting peeled off (couldn't decide between chocolate and vanilla so I ate both)
-Cheese and triscuits again.

Feel like I'm forgetting something. It's ok though.
Today Tasha asked me if they gave me a stress management class to help me do my job. Sort of a sad/good compliment. We decided that I'm a great multitasker and can do 5 things all at the same time but 6 I can't. I used that line a few times today when too many people were wanting shit from me all at once.
SIGH. Today was crazy.

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