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ROCHESTER, NY - Jason Lyons pulled his sergeant from a burning Humvee. The 18-year-old came home Thursday for a couple of weeks of R and R.

Lyons' family stood proudly holding signs welcoming him back home. He's been in Baghdad since March. The Canandaigua native is getting some praise for saving his sergeant while he was there.

"We were driving down one the roads when we were hit by an IED," said Lyons.

That was June 1 outside of Baghdad. His sergeant was stuck in a Humvee that was about to go up in flames.

"It was really confusing. I didn't know what was going on at first. I knew we got hit again. I wasn't sure what to do. I knew he needed help so I helped him," said Lyons.

With broken bones and burns, the two were then taken to a Baghdad hospital. For the first time, Lyons was able to talk to the man he saved.

"He thanked me when we were both in the hospital in Baghdad and was just wondering how I was doing and was more concerned about me than himself," said Lyons.

Lyons is getting a Purple Heart for his heroic actions. He's also walking away with a few reminders.

"I took two pieces of scrap metal to my right leg and two to left arm and burns and cuts on left arm," said Lyons.

He's OK now and happy to be home, for at least a little while. He has mixed emotions about going back.

"A little bit, but at the same time I want to stay home, but I definitely want to get back to my platoon," said Lyons.

Lyons is home for the next two and a half weeks. Then he'll go back to Baghdad.

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