Thought I'd let you know

that Grandpa Lyons passed away at 5:30 tonight.

I think the last time I saw him was when I was in my early teens and went with my aunt and uncle from long island to his retirement home on their yearly visit. I don't remember much except that I never asked to go back.
I'm not so offended that I heard about it from a lousy email. I really don't care that much about his death. It just reminds me how emotionally incompetent and inconsiderate my family is.
There's so much hatred in our family and from what I can guess, alot of it came from this man. My grandmother left him, his children hated him (except maybe the ones who made their yearly visit to make sure they were still included in his will), and he spent the last part of his life being shipped to different homes because he couldn't behave himself, whatever that means.
When my grandmother died everyone took as much money and stuff as they could and openly admitted that they despised each other and never wanted to speak again. BOOM!!! This time I don't think there's much to fight over so all this will go down without including me.
I just wonder where this mess began and if it will ever end. I don't even know how to touch it. Why did we all fall apart? I can't believe that in 4 generations of us no one has any idea how to put this family back together again.

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