Got a love-hate relationship

with my ghetto 'hood. I left this morning hating it cause I had to argue with a drunk guy who stumbled after me for 2 whole blocks on my way to the train. He insisted that because I was "a hippie" that I MUST smoke cigarettes therefore I MUST have matches on me and that I was being a bitch and just not giving him one. It was super annoying. He followed me and went on and on about it. Even tried to bring some homeboys into it telling them that "the hippie girl is mad cause I asked her for a match." I had to resort to telling him to fuck himself and leave me alone. Not a very clever response but he was too drunk to have appreciated one anyway. UGH.

BUT tonight when I got back home I couldn't help but fall in love again. The hydrants on two different streets were bursting with water, kids were running around screaming and giggling, family's were camped out on the curbs in lawn chairs, and it felt like home on the southside.

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