My ass crack

always seems to be creeping out of my pants. I'm infamous for it. My friends make jokes and claim to see it on the regular. I never really thought I offended any one with it but the other day I was called out by a complete stranger! I'm still not sure whether to be thankful or annoyed.

I was sitting on the stairs at the L train platform pulling and tugging at the zipper on my purse trying to stuff way too much in it. Some kid (a kinda cute, 20 something, hip hopper) came up and whispered through the railing:

"Hey ma, your pants."

Me(with a slight scowl): "What?!"

"Ma, pull your pants up. Your ass crack is hanging out of your pants"

My defense: "Look at yours!"

(he had on super baggy pants held up by a belt tight around his hips. Which of course means that his would be hanging out too if he didn't have his boxers pulled up out of his pants and up to his waist!)

I know this because he matter a factly pulled up his shirt (long enough to be considered a dress) to show me how he's "got a belt on."


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