Um, THAT's mature!

It's too bad all you suckas had something ' more important' to do.

Left alone together on Coney Island and Karen and I created a day of sheer indulgence only a 12 year old would envy. We spent every penny we had eating disgusting food and terrorizing ourselves on astroland rides. You missed out on the salsa cheese fries and beer, raw clams and beer, pistachio-banana twist (softserve!) ice cream, pizza, and buttered popcorn!
Well, the clams and beer were kind of grown up...Anyway, we had a blast as usual running around half naked and drunk on the beach throwing each other around in the waves and getting caught in the seaweed. We screamed on the cratchety old wonder wheel (non stationary car, of course!) and walked to the end of the pier and watched the drunken locals scooping up fish and crab.

Ah, A purrrrfect summer's day!

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